Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Baldknobbers, Branson's First Show, Kicked Off Their 53rd Season!

Since 1959, the Mabe family has been serving up hot country music, knee slapping comedy as well as moving gospel and patriotic tributes. The Mabe Family is the "founding family" of Branson's live music shows, as they are proud owners of the title, "Branson's First Show."

Lots of things have changed over the years, but the founding concept remains true. Providing a family-friendly environment, high levels of entertainment through tight family harmonies and hillbilly antics are a few of the standards held high by the current Mabe family.

This show was very entertaining, not just to me, but every direction I looked within the audience, I saw the same sight...People laughing, smiling and singing along with gospel greats and to an awesome variety of classic and modern country music.

The Baldknobbers is a show highly recommended by this writer to visitors of all ages! Come see for yourself why the Baldknobbers are still a Branson favorite!

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  1. The frist time I saw you all I was just 5 and I am now 57 you was playing in down town. I hope what I plan to bring to Branson soon will feed you all. http://www.ky3.com/news/ky3-branson-aquaponic-garden-school-factory-merchants-mall-fish-plants-produce-jobs-aquaponic-garden-school-proposed-for-branson-mall-20120323,0,4776614.story