Monday, April 2, 2012

An Evening With Paul Harris and the Cleverlys

The Globe Trotter arrived at the White House Theatre last Friday, not knowing just how awesome the evening was going to. For instance, the dinner before the Paul Harris and the Cleverlys was simply scrumptious. A six ounce chicken fried chicken, mouth-watering mashed potatoes with white gravy, green beans, salad and a dinner roll...This was THE country meal of all southern fried country meals! To order your show and dinner ticket, just use this link.

Then, after dinner was finished, we made our way to our front row seats and waited on the main attraction. The lights went down, and the eerie music from the movie Jaws starts to play...
When the lights come back up, there he is….Paul Harris! He is at the mike, alongside his band, ready to start the show off right!

There was some bluegrass, some new twists to old favorites and even a short  tribute to Charlie Daniels and Geico. It was about 45 minutes into the first half that the band took a break. I thought I was going to be sad to hear the music stop. But, that was before Mr. Harris started his monologue. The soreness in my hands from clapping along with song after song was nothing compared to the pain in my face from laughing so hard. This is truly an understatement, because I honestly don’t remember the last time I got so tickled!

Okay, so that is a brief summary of the first half. There was a short break, giving the Cleverlys time to prepare before taking the stage.

The lights go down, and from my seat, five shadows make their way to the stage. It is at this point that the announcer introduces the Cleverly Trio…..yep, take a second to let that process….In the mind of Digger Cleverly, five members equals a trio.

The band, now in Branson, has graced such places as the Grand Ole Opry stage, and they  kick the second half of the show off by playing their version of “traditional” bluegrass music. Digger’s idea of traditional bluegrass music consists of fairly modern hits like “Walk Like an Egyptian” “All the Single Ladies” and “I Gotta Feeling”. So, with hits like that, I found myself singing and clapping along.

The members of the trio, all five of them, were simply amazing. From Monroe Cleverly on the upright bass, to Otto Clevery on fiddle, each family member had their own talent to show. Harvy, the resident drummer of the family seems somewhat statue-like throughout the majority of the show, but that is probably due to the watchful eye of Otto. Vernon Dean, “VD” for short, is the banjo picker. He is no slacker, be sure to keep an eye out for a few of his shenanigans.

After the show, be sure to stop by and say hello to Paul Harris and his band. They are one of the best comedy and bluegrass shows in town! For the best deals in tickets and airline flights, visit us here. A great vacation is just a phone call away!

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