Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nine (Not 10) Air Travel Tips

I have decided to take some time and give you advice on what I know best - air travel.  Everything that I know I learned from my own mistakes.

1.      Prepare and Plan
Buy airline tickets at least 30 days in advance to get the cheapest prices.  Also reserving your car rental and hotel in advance can save you money, cause you don’t want to be left paying twice as much as you should for something last minute than you could have if you planned ahead! Here in Branson this agency plans everything for me. They couldn't be better!
2.     Recognize Your Luggage
If you buy non-descript plain looking luggage, you might lose it.  If you feel adventurous buy something flashy, or if you already own something plain, tie, glue, or attach something flashy on it.  Get people’s attention, and most importantly get your own.
3.      Give Yourself Time
It’s best to not go crazy with stress at an airport.  It takes time to park your car, or if you didn’t drive yourself, say thank you/goodbye to your ride, go to the ticket counter and proceed through security.  Just arrive a little early to insure that you won’t lose your sanity.
4.      Wear Good Shoes
At the airport while going through security you will have to remove your shoes.  Because of this I encourage you to not wear those old stinky nasty shoes that when removed from your feet omit an odor strong enough to knock a person out.  Just don’t wear those shoes.  Please.
5.      Bring Travel Friendly Pets
As it is traveling with pets can be a complicated task.  But I advise you to only bring a pet that can handle the stress and conditions of high altitude transit.  Say your new puppy gets motion sickness… if you can help it at all don’t bring him on your trip and save yourself and your puppy hours of agony.
6.      Know Your Name
This may seem silly, but it is actually pretty serious.  Make sure when reserving plane tickets that you fill in your name exactly like it is on your official ID.  If you make even one little mistake it could cause you some issues and cost you precious time.
7.      Dress Light
When going through security you will have to remove all your metals, which mean taking off your jewelry, buckles, pins, etc.  To make things easier I wouldn’t put on all of my excessive jewels, necklaces, and bracelets.  Dress light and simple and go through security in a breeze.
8.      No 32 Inch Knitting Needles
As tempting as it may to bring your huge metal knitting needles, don’t do it.  You will never get them back.
9.      Stay Awake
Sleeping is one of my favorite activities but being a frequent traveler I have found that it is vital to stay awake during certain times. For example don’t fall asleep in the terminal right around the time of your boarding call – the plane will leave without you. Also to save yourself embarrassment don’t fall asleep around the time you plane is landing cause when you don’t buckle your seatbelt and the flight attendant gives you a stern look, well you look like a fool.  And no one wants to look like a fool.

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