Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zilker Botanical Garden: A Journey Through Time

After a busy weekend I decided that I was craving a bit of the outdoors, so off I went to Austin Texas to visit the Zilker Botanical Gardens.  As always leaving from Branson was a jiff with the quick and painless flight directly into Austin with Branson AirExpress. Within a very short time I was enjoying the quintessential outdoor experience at the Botanical Gardens.  By reading a very informative pamphlet I learned that the garden is made up of 30 acres and has enough exhibits to fill up an entire day.

First I stopped at the herb and fragrance garden to sniff around.  The smells were delightful, and not once did I feel overwhelmed enough to sneeze.  Next up was the Japanese garden which I casually strolled through, then a Rose Garden, a Butterfly Garden, and then the best garden EVER - a Prehistoric Garden.  The garden covered the Cretaceous period in every essence imaginable, other than having live dinosaurs roaming around.  There were ancient plants, insects, and fish creating the perfect environment to make me wonder if I had accidentally travelled back in time. 

The rest of the Botanical Gardens was fantastic, but having spent most my time at the Prehistoric Garden I didn’t have much time to look at the rest.  I encourage you to visit the gardens even if you don’t like Dinosaurs as much as I do!  There is plenty more to see and do and a favorite garden for everyone.  Check out what else there is to do in Austin here.

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