Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Just Got REAL

Yes, you read it right.  Things are gettin’ real in my world.  And by me being REAL I mean:

R: Ridiculously
E: Effective
A: At
L: Layovers

That’s right; I, the Globe Trotter have become so ridiculously effective at layovers I had to tell you.  People always complain about long excruciating layovers, but I am here to change that.  What isn’t great about a layover? Here you have the chance to relax and try to get things done. You could take a nap (if you want to risk it, remember my article Nine (Not Ten) Air Travel Tips? You should).  Or you could sit and stare; from my experience many people seem to enjoy that, plus people watching is quite amusing. Pass time fast and get REAL.

For me traveling is fun pretty much all the time.  Possibly because I am gettin’ so REAL, or maybe because I always fly on such fabulous airlines (Check Them Out).  Who knows?   But since apparently I am giving lots of advice on this blog, (seriously read Nine (Not Ten) Air Travel Tips.  It’s practically calling your name) I feel that I can tell you that every layover I have had while flying from the Branson Airport has been agreeable.  My layovers are in Atlanta or Denver, both airports that are known from being pretty real, and not the type of REAL you should be thinking of.  Just put yourself in the right state of mind and fly from the right airport and suddenly you will be gettin’ REAL like me. 

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