Monday, November 22, 2010

Holiday Travel Advice – Three Tips from Experience

Today I started my official holiday traveling out from the Branson Airport and it prompted me to give you advice… again (for my previous advice see Nine Not 10 Air Travel Tips).  This time of year airports are busier than ever, meaning it’s time to sit back and think about how we can make air travel better.   Luckily I don’t need to sit back and brainstorm anything because I just had a firsthand holiday traveling experience and am here to tell you how you can make your holiday travel experience awesome!

1.       Complain Politely
It’s understandable that things can get a little hectic and crazy when airports are busy.  But nothing is worse than unhappy, grumpy, yelling people.  Say your seat gets changed slightly and because you had your heart set on that window seat this news makes you very distraught. I advise you to not yell at the workers at the ticket counter as they are doing the best they can.  Just take a step back and talk through the problem calmly and more likely than not these people will be happy to help you with your issue.  Plus, nobody wants to see someone break the delightful holiday cheer!
2.       Patience is a Very Valuable Virtue
Arrive at the airport early so you won’t have to fight the crowd. Then its time to bring out your best virtue… patience.  You will have to most likely wait in line for security, and then wait for your plane.  But in the long run waiting and being patient is a much better option than scrambling hectically to be on time.   And if you read my article, Nine Not 10 Air Travel Tips, you will see just how fun I think waiting can be.
3.       Make Friends
People always seem happier around the holiday season so I find it pretty easy to make friends and talk to people at the airport and aboard the plane.  The reason I say “make friends,” is because during the holiday travel season planes are pretty packed.  Most flights are running at 85-90% capacity, so you’ll be sure to be sitting by people on all sides.  But this is never a bad thing!  It just gives you the chance to whip out those charming social skills and meet some new people!

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