Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guest Blog by: Ancient Medieval Traveller

Globe Trotter -- I need you to be aware of something very important. There is a FORTRESS in NW Arkansas (that is, just a stone's throw distance from Branson, MO) that is being erected AS - WE -SPEAK. It is being built in an old-timey fashion; in effect, just as they were built in the Medieval era. This is right up my alley! Granted, it is being built very slooowww, but that's how you get it done! It has been confirmed that there will be no dragons, wizards or gladiators (that wouldn't make sense anyway). Despite the Ozark Medieval Fortress' lack of mystical brick-a-brack, I am very excited. I plan to take my Wench™ every year for the next decade or so as to keep up with the progress. So involved; so wonderful! I've pasted below an internet hyperlink to find more information on the castle -

Click Here for More Information on Ozark Medieval Fortress

Ozark Medieval Castle
Ozark Medieval Fortress

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